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The Fast Finish range of aerosol paints are designed for polycarbonate (lexan)
model car bodies, to give not only a superb, dynamic colour finish, but also to
withstand the rigours of model car use too.

The paint is available in three finishes,
Classic, Neon and Special FX. 150ml unless otherwise stated

As the polycarbonate material itself is so flexible and durable, it requires a
specially blended paint formula to cope. Fast Finish is fuel resistant making it
perfect for nitro cars too. Another feature of Fast Finish that’s often
overlooked is its weight on the bodyshell. It generally makes a painted body
10-12g lighter than one painted with normal lexan paints. This can be a real
advantage to the 1/10th and 1/12th scale cars where weight is always an issue.

The Classic range covers the ‘normal’ colours such as white, red, black etc and
also the metallic colours, Spa Silver, Graphite etc. The Neon paints are ultra
bright, fluorescent colours for the ultimate in visibility on the track.

Special FX paints are for those that want to go for the custom look. There’s the
Starburst Silver metal flake which is a transparent carrier with large metal
flake particles that will add a coarse metallic finish to any base colour, and
the Pearl White which has a similar but much finer effect. Spray either of them
on the body first, then back with another colour to give a solid, but sparkling

The Chameleon paints actually change shade and colour depending upon the angle
they are viewed from. The Jade flips between yellow-gold through to a deep green
for example. They are great for the full ‘Pimp my Ride’ effect!

NOTE ON COLOUR: The colour shown on your screen may differ from that of the
actual product. This is NOT a fault of the product or the product description
but rather the reproduction of the colour based on local brightness and contrast
settings of your screen. We describe colours as per manufacturers descriptions.

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