Welcome fellow hobbyist! You are on the right page if you need your RC car repaired and ready to go with a minimum of fuss!

Are you struggling to get your RC car to run? 

Just can’t quite tune it to run smoothly? 

Haven’t a clue how to change the clutch? 

Forgot to clean it before storing it last season?

DarBro RC model shop is here to help you get the most out of your hobby and to keep you a cheerful hobbyist with a happy car.

We are registered with most mainstream RC hobby suppliers and will do our best to have you up and running as soon as possible. Some of the brands we have worked with so far are Traxxas, Habao, HPI, Losi, FTX, to name a few. Both nitro, petrol and electric are all supported.

Not local to us? You can post it instead.
Don’t worry if you are unable drop your car in.  Securely package the car with the form and post it to us via a courier with tracking.  We will notify you when we receive it.

Prices are as follows excluding return delivery:

  • RC labour inspection and/or first hour labour     – £35.00 Inc. VAT
  • RC labour every hour thereafter                           – £24.00 Inc. VAT
  • One off Sundries charge                                       – £  7.75 Inc. VAT

    The sundries charge covers any or all of the following that we may use …

  • Cleaning materials
  • Lubrication for diffs, gearboxes etc
  • Air Filter Oil
  • Inline fuel filter
  • Fuel tubing
  • Heat shielding protection for fuel lines close to exhausts
  • Thread lock
  • The odd non-branded screws, nuts or washers we need to replace.

We do not use After Run Oil after we have completed an engine job as most of the time folks want to get driving straight away after they collect. Please ask for After Run Oil and how to use it if you do not have any. It’s a very important part of owning and running a Nitro Engine.

On assessing your car, we will then be able to give you an estimate to complete the repair job and have it sent back to you. Most jobs can be done within the first hour’s labour charge. It’s rare we have to charge a second hour.

RC Car Courier Preparation Check List

  1. Drain all fuel from car
  2. Clean chassis of any oil/fuel residue
  3. Seal exhaust outlet. A piece of plastic folded over the exhaust outlet and secured with a rubber band is perfect
  4. Remove batteries from Transmitter and secure in a plastic bag. Send with model
  5. Remove body shell and hang onto if you have a body shell fitted. Retain body clips
  6. If you have a bottle of fresh fuel, you can send that along too to reduce the cost of Fuel per tank. We can supply a new bottle of you require which we will use to tune your car. The remainder will be supplied for return to you
    NOTE: Its important the fuel is new within the last 3 months. We may still reject it if we find evidence of dirt/water ingress into the fuel you supply.
  7. Include any spares you want us to fit
  8. Include a note with your full details on
  9. Include a note with the work required
  10. Ensure your shipping box is up to the task and use plenty of packaging to secure everything within the box.

Or for any other enquiries related to this service, please fill out the form below.