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Service and maintenance - Your RC vehicle will require periodic maintenance if you are a race track or rough terrain enthusiast. Whether you need to replace your car's damaged parts or have it serviced,  finding the right spares for your car or truck can be a nightmare, not to mention putting it back together again.  Let DarBro RC Models take that hassle away from you.  We have dedicated staff with extensive technical knowledge to keep your car primed and running to its optimum. 

New engine run-in service - Any new RC engine (Car or Plane) needs to be prepared carefully and correctly prior to going for those high RPM performance burns. This is very important to ensure you get the maximum life and performance out of your Car. Problem is that the procedure can be extremely boring and time consuming taking as much as 3 hours before your car is ready for that final performance tune. Its this lengthy procedure that often results in the run-in process not being done correctly and often ... not even done at all! We will take all that hassle away from you, leaving you with a car that's ready to perform.

For only £15 inspection fee, DarBro RC Models offer a comprehensive check-up on any brand vehicle - New or Old, Electric or Nitro. Once the inspection is done we can quote before doing any repairs making sure you get value-for-money.

Book your vehicle in today and make sure it is primed and ready for that wild weekend of racing.  Phone 01270 879101.