Traxxas OrangeX Summit 1:10 4X4 Extreme Terrain Monster Truck (+ TQi, EVX-2, Titan 775) – TRX56076-4


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When the trail gets tough, you can count on Summit to pull
through. The Traxxas Summit offers versatility, durability, and off-road
capability greater than any other 4WD monster truck. Our engineers packed Summit
with high-tech innovations like our transmitter-operated high/low transmission
and remote-locking front and rear differentials. Summit generates massive torque
from the giant 775 Titan® motor while the rugged ExoCage™ keeps Summit safe on
the trail. These are just some of the weapons in Summit’s off-road arsenal. When
you drive a Summit, no stream is too big, no trail is too tough, and no hill is
out of reach.



Transmitter-operated remote locking differentials (patent pending)

Transmitter-operated High-Low transmission

Titan® 775 motor

TQi 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter and micro receiver

17mm splined aluminum hex hubs

Industry’s first dual-CV telescoping half shafts

Geode™ rims and Canyon AT™ tires

ExoCage™ body

10-LED light system

Specially tuned long-travel suspension


Summit (#56076-4) Heavy-Duty High-Low Transmission
Unprecedented Versatility With T-Lock differentials and High-Low Transmission

Only Summit™ gives you the ability to lock the
differentials and shift from low to high gear right from the transmitter. No
need to break from the action to swap gears or install locking parts. Tear up
the trail in "high range" with a 25:1 ratio for dirt-slinging speed. When the
terrain turns technical, drop it into "low range" for a 70:1 ratio and unreal
climbing torque. For the ultimate in climbing traction, flip the T-Lock switch
to lock the front differential. Need even more grip? Activate the rear T-Lock
diff for fully-loaded 4WD power no matter which tire is gripping or slipping.


10-LED Lighting System

No need to head for the garage when the sun goes down;
Summit lights up the night with an integrated LED illumination system. Four
bright white LEDs blaze the trail ahead, while six red LEDs show where Summit’s
been. The LEDs are integrated into the bumpers for durability and convenience,
and the chassis-mounted wiring harness eliminates the possibility of tangles and
hooked wires.


EVX-2 Electronic Speed Control (#3019)High-Torque Titan
775 Motor (#5675)


Water Action, Waterproof Electronics and Titan 775 Motor

Summit gets its spin from the largest motor of any electric
monster truck, the Titan® 775. This massive mill is equipped with a fan-cooled
armature for nonstop off-road adventure, and an extra wrap of steel around the
can for maximum magnetic field strength—that means more torque to tame the trail
and conquer any climb. Designed by Traxxas, the EVX-2 features three drive
profiles, thermal shutdown protection, low-voltage detection for compatibility
with LiPo battery packs, and patented Traxxas high-current battery connectors.
Throttle control comes from an EVX-2™ electronic speed control, a heavy-duty
powerhouse that can handle up to 16.8 volts to give Summit extreme
trail-conquering torque. And if that trail is wet, muddy or even covered in
snow, it’s no problem. Waterproof electronics let Summit operate worry-free in
conditions that sideline other monster trucks.



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