Top Flite 1.8×0.65m MonoKote 6’x26″ Black – T-TOPQ0208


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** Top Flite 1.8×0.65m MonoKote 6’x26″ Black – T-TOPQ0208

Comes with instruction sheet on how to use.

MonoKote’s superior shrink and adhesion make it the easiest plastic covering to apply. Once applied, its special adhesive gets a grip that not even years of accumulated exhaust residue can break. MonoKote is also one of the most puncture and scratch resistant films on the market – qualities you’ll find in all of the rich, vibrant colours available. Given that it’s priced comparably to coverings that offer less, it doesn’t make sense to use anything other than MonoKote.

Lightweight at Only .2 oz/sq ft
Fuelproof and Waterproof
Dry Adhesive Activates When Heat is Applied
High Gloss Finish
Shrinks to a Drum-Tight Finish As It Cools
Super Strong with a Tensile Strength of 25 000 psi (pounds/sq in)
Stronger and Lighter Than Traditional Silk and Dope Coverings
Attaching to wood (activating the glue): 101 – 110 Degrees C
Partial shrinkage: 111 – 132 Degrees C
Maximum shrinkage: 133 – 176 Degrees C

NOTE: Due to your monitor settings of Contrast, Brightness and Colour Tones, shades of colours you receive may differ from what’s on your screen. This is NOT a product fault!

NOTE: Securely packaged to protect during transit … hence, the courier charge.

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