RC Adjustable Lipo Battery Tray W60mm H55mm L160mm maximum – DAR140


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RC Adjustable Lipo Battery Tray W60mm H55mm L160mm maximum – DAR140

YouTube Demo Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPBC1MAwqb0&t

Fed up with Velcro to hold your batteries in? This adjustable battery tray is your answer to easy battery replacement. Takes just seconds to change your battery with the minimum of effort. Simply flip the lock, open the door and replace – its that easy. Printed on an Advanced 3D printer from strong durable material.

This battery tray is a simple yet effective replacement for Velcro. Very easy to fit …

  • Measure the length of your battery and lock the adjustable tray to that length. A piece of sellotape will do as its only temporary
  • Measure the correct position to attain Centre of Gravity (CofG) on your model.
  • Drill for holes to suite the adjustable tray and screws of your choice – designed to use servo screws. The battery tray has mounting slots so easy fine-tuning of CofG is possible by just sliding the battery box forwards or backwards and tighten the screws when correct CofG is achieved.
  • When you are happy with the position of the tray in the model, we recommend you remove the carrier again and run a drop of Cyano into the mounting holes in your model if in wood to re-enforce them. Wait for the glue to dry before re-fitting the carrier.
  • You can also trim the carbon rods if you want and permanently glue the slider with Epoxy. We recommend you don’t do this unless you absolutely have to in case you want to use a different length battery at a later date.

-= Maximum Battery Size =-
Max Length=160mm
Min Length=90mm

-= Carrier Size =-
Outside width=74mm
Outside Height=65mm

-= Carrier Weight =-

You can use this carrier for batteries with a smaller height too. Simply make a balsa or foam insert for the base of the carrier to ensure the battery is snug when the locking mechanism is closed.

These are printed on as required basis so dispatch will be within 3 days.

Note on Colour: The shade of red may vary from that pictured due to different filament supplier. They all have their own recipe for making the filament.

Not what you need? Get in touch and we will make a carrier to suit your requirements


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