Pro-Line 1/24 Hyrax Front/Rear 1.0″ Tires Mounted 7mm Black Impulse – PRO10194-10


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Tire Features:

  •   Mini Version of the Extremely Successful Hyrax Tires

  •  Designed for Maximum Performance on Any Terrain

  •   Highly Detailed Sidewall for Scale Looks

  •   Stepped Blocks & Multiple Sipes Create Unmatched Grip

  •   Foam Inserts Included

  •   Made from a Super Soft Compound


Wheel Features:

  •   Mini Version of the Extremely Popular Impulse Wheels

  •   True Bead-Loc Wheel Design held together by 3 Screws

  •   Blacked-Out Wheel Color

  •   7mm hex to fit SCX24™

  •   3-piece Plastic Wheel Design fits 1.0" SCX24™ Tires

  •   Molded in Bead-Loc Ring and Lug-Nuts for a Scale Look



The future of SCX24™ Tire Performance has arrived with
Pro-Line’s all-new pre-mounted Hyrax 1.0" Tires! Just like Pro-Line’s 1:10 size
Hyrax tires, these mini tires are designed to provide maximum grip on whatever
terrain your SCX24™ attempts to tackle. The Hyrax features an aggressive and
open tread pattern with each tread block containing Sipes for additional tread
flex. The highly detailed connected tread on the sidewall of the Hyrax extends
out for unmatched side-hilling performance. The Hyrax also features futuristic
stepped tread blocks that create even more forward gripping edges that dig into
slick rock like no other mini tire produced to date! The Hyrax 1.0" tires are
made from a super soft compound to help your SCX24™ climb to new heights and the
tires are supported with soft foam inserts. The Hyrax 1.0" tires come in at an
overall height of 2.10" and a width of 0.75".

The Hyrax 1.0" tire comes conveniently pre-mounted to our
Mini Impulse Black Internal Bead-Loc 1.0" Plastic 7mm Hex wheels! Yes, these are
true 3-piece Bead-Loc wheels! Just like Pro-Line’s 1:10 size Impulse wheels,
these all-new Mini Impulse wheels are designed to not only look scale but are
super easy to use by only requiring 3 screws per wheel for mounting tires. The
unique 3-piece plastic wheel design bolts together in the back and locks on to
Pro-Line’s Hyrax 1.0" Crawling Tires and also works with many existing 1.0"
tires for the SCX24™. If you own a SCX24™, then Pro-Line’s new pre-mounted set
of Hyrax 1.0" Tires are a must have! Get your own set today!

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  • SCX24™ (AXI00001 / AXI00002 / AXI90081)