Hangar 9 Easycote Sky Blue 2metre Roll – HANU70600


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Hangar 9 Easycote Sky Blue 2metre Roll – HANU70600

Hangar 9 Easycote is a new development in polyester covering film for model aircraft. Easycote can be ironed on or heat-gunned. What makes Easycote stand out from other covering materials is its excellent shrinking qualities and extremely easy application. Easycote consists of a special polyester based material and a special pigmented Thermo-Activated iron-on adhesive.

Easycote can be applied within a wide range of temperatures. For standard ironing you need approx. 100-120 degrees C. At this temperature the material keeps a relatively stable dimension (minimal shrinkage). If you raise the temperature, the material will begin to shrink in equal proportion to the rise of the temperature. At 150 degrees C there will be approx. 10% shrinkage. The higher the temperature the higher the % shrinkage. Melting point is approx. 250 degrees C.


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