ZAP CA Cyano 14g 1/2oz Thin 1-5secs – S-ZAPPT09


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** Deluxe Materials Roket Hot Cyano (Thick) 20g 10-20 seconds – S-SE16/1

Each of Deluxe’s Cyanos are designed each targeted at a specific modelling requirement. All are the high quality, triple-distilled variety for the best adhesion to a wide variety of materials. This is the thick formula, ideal for gap filling. Don’t be fooled by cheaper alternatives that just do not have the same performance.

Supplied in a Fluorocarbon treated bottle for anti-clog action and extended life. The Fluorocarbon treatment blocks moisture coming through polythene (Prevents moisture penetration).

Suitable for use on a wide range of materials including most Foam types. See second pic for material exclusions.

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