Deluxe Materials 500ml Deluxe Power Model 2 Stroke Oil – LU01


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Power Model 2T-S is specially formulated for your model petrol engine, with
special high temperature protection for air-cooled engines. It will also give
superior control against piston deposits, yielding cleaner emissions. Primarily
designed for 50/1 use, as it has very high film strength and is tested over
extended periods at 50/1 and above. Using 50/1, the engine will offer superior
throttle response and save you money on the oil bill!

Power Model 2T-S comes in a specially designed bottle which makes measuring the
amount of oil you require fool-proof. Simply close the cap and squeeze the oil
into the resevoir and then add to your fuel. The oil is dyed to show the mixture
has the oil in it. There is also a handy mix chart on the back of the oil pack
enabling hassle-free mixing!

• High Quality 2-Stroke Oil

• Up to 50/1 Mix

• Heat Protection

• 500ml Easy Mix Pack