5 x Quality RC Hot Glue Gun clear Glue Sticks 7.2mm x 275mm – DAR205


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** Deluxe Materials Foam 2 Foam – 50ml – S-SE40A

 A new updated high-tack glue specially designed for the latest generation of foam model aircraft.

It bonds …

  • White Depron
  • Blue Depron
  • EPS foams
  • Wood
  • Plastic

Dries clear and flexible. Foam 2 Foam should be applied sparingly to one surface and the parts then brought together and held firmly for 5-10 seconds. The new squeezy tube package makes it easier and more economic to use. Foam 2 Foam develops maximum strength in 1-2 hours. Excess can be cleaned with alcohol. It bonds: Styrofoam, Depron, EPS, EPO foams, wood & plastics. Flyers report that joints made with Foam 2 Foam are more resilient than other types of glues including foam safe cyano acrylate and as a consequence their models often survive mid air crashes. Don’t just take our word for it, here is what 2012 British Electric Indoor Masters champion Steve Schafer has to say about it:

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