Land Wanted To Rent

I’ll get to the point.  Unfortunately, due to the news of Radway Green’s business park demolishment, we have been given notice to move by 23rd Dec 2021.

We are looking for new premises – (-+15 miles of ST7 in Kidsgrove) mainly land that would house approximately 4 large professional porta cabins.  Could you help?

Our businesses consist of

  • DarBro Computers Ltd
  • DarBro RC Model Shop
  • Holistic Habitat Therapies 

We are a small company who has been operating for approximately 16 years and counting, most of which is at the site which is being demolished.

With our new beginning we hope to have the option to expand.

DarBro RC Model Shop would like to expand to include leisure facilities –

DarBro Computers is mainly off site maintaining home users, local primary schools and businesses –

Holistic Habitat Therapies is a health massage therapy business also selling online courses and food supplements –

If you require any further information, we are available on business 01270 879101 or you can text Darrin on 07900447149.