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DarBro RC Models also has a shop on eBay. We do infact get many new customers to our website coming over from our eBay shop. So why do they do this? Quite simple ... better pricing at www.darbrorc.co.uk

eBay has for a long time now become a very expensive platform to shop on. This is due largely to the multiple charges from eBay that sellers have to incorprate into the final selling price. eBay even charge a commission on postage now. On top of the multiple charges sellers have to build into the final eBay selling price, there is also a substantial 'risk factor' cost that must be added to the final selling price, to help offset losses due to rampant, uncontrolled scamming on eBay from malicious buyers.

So, if you still want to buy from our eBay shop, please click This Link. Why would you though?

If you have seen a product on our eBay shop that has not yet been imported into our web shop, please just give us a ring. We are happy to take Phone orders.