We are open for business and allowing customers through the door. The following will need to be done if you wish to enter the shop …

·  A proper NHS recommended ‘Covid Safe’ Face Mask or Face Shield will need to be worn prior to entering. This must be kept on for the duration covering both mouth and nose correctly.

·  Hands must be sanitised using our automated dispenser at the door

·  Only 2 persons allowed in at a time

We are still happy to carry on using our dedicated protected window access if you prefer not to wear a mask or shield. We employ ‘at risk’ staff and this requirement is essential to keep both our staff and our valued customers safe while Covid continues to be a threat to us all.

All our staff test 2-3 times a week for Covid with results submitted to NHS every single time.

We recommend you please ring before you come down. This is so that we can confirm we have not had to isolate. We know our valued customers do come from some distance and do not want you wasting a trip if we have been told to isolate by NHS.

We are taking this ongoing Covid pandemic very seriously and your life as well as ours matters.

-= DarBro Computers Ltd / www.darbro.co.uk =-

All above applies to our IT division too and we are still offering our encrypted remote admin service.

-= SolQi – Energy for Life / www.solqi.co.uk =-

SolQi – pronounced Sol-Chi, meaning sun energy has been created to fill a calling for all of us who have been affected by COVID-19. We are passionate about the power of nature to heal, which is why we use natural, herbal and food-based ingredients wherever possible.  We also like to give a little soulful intention to cultivate the mind, nurturing the whole body holistically.

Please visit the websites regularly for up-to-date information as it changes.