Land Wanted To Rent

I’ll get to the point.  Unfortunately, due to the news of Radway Green’s business park demolishment, we have been given notice to move by 23rd Dec 2021. We are looking for new premises – (-+15 miles of ST7 in Kidsgrove) mainly land that would house approximately 4 large professional porta cabins.  Could you help? OurRead More

Nitro heads – free service!

Damo (our trusty mechanic) hates to sit around and twiddle his thumbs – so we have decided to to offer a free service to all you nitro heads when you purchase a 5 litre bottle of fuel from us! This will save you a whopping £30! Just tell us the code (NITRO HEAD) and weRead More

Spring Warhammer competition!

This is such a popular hobby all over the world – yes, it even stuns us too! Let’s go with the flow and join the space marines for this spring competition. We have some discontinued Warhammer sets to give away and all you have to do is peak your interest and purchase the Assault intercessorsRead More

Are you able to volunteer?

DarBro RC needs your help? We have recently signed up to supply Games Workshop and all their fantastic products and we would love to develop this further by offering activities, competitions tournaments etc. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP? We are looking for someone who has time on their hands to oversee our Games Workshop department.Read More