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We are a small family run business, with various interests making up our group.

DarBro Computers Ltd - Home, small business and Primary Education Support
Natures Nurture - Therapeutic Massage Therapies
DarBro RC Models - Where you are now

DarBro RC has in the past, been primarily an eBay outlet. Recent closures of other RC shops in surrounding areas has seen a big increase in foot traffic to our shop premises. This has prompted a re-think of our business model and resulted in plans to expand our shop front - doubling its size.

All our shops are constantly evolving with new products being added on a regular basis. We will keep you updated via our social media channels, on new RC technology and give you sneak peeks at up and coming new releases from our leading distributors.

We have also put a lot of effort into working out our postage tariffs as we know this is a bone of contention with other e-shops. We believe that we have a unique approach to ensuring that our postage charges are in line with product size, weight and quantity, rather than just a blanket charge as found in many RC shops. This will save you on both single product and multiple product purchases.

As always, you are welcome to call in and browse if you would prefer.  We are now concentrating on widening our range of accessories. We have a unique colour coded display system making finding product simple and efficient.  Don't forget to like us on Facebook  and follow us onTwitter.  We will also be sending out regular news-letters (no more than 3-4 a month), keeping you in the loop with our killer deals offered!

Have fun flying!